About Us

This is the about us section and here can anyone find the information about the ActiveNetwork.ie website, why we built it and what we are trying to accomplish. The information on this page will frequently be changed and updated with the new stuff as we go along.

We are the small group of active networkers who are on the mission to change the structure of online business in general. Making money on the internet has become the huge concept for the last 15 years, and every day there’s a significantly growing number of people who are achieving their success and financial independence. Unfortunately, along the great and ethical online business structure and planning, there are also the unethical ways of making money online, spamming and lies in order to get the money out of the people’s wallets. We will show the real and legit techniques and strategies that could be applied today and benefit from them in the future.

ActiveNetwork.ie is not a profit organization or business, but rather the informative library of content that is beneficial to it’s readers. Please use the website wisely and feel free to leave comments and thoughts at the bottom of each page.


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