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Easy Blog Networks Review

First, in order to understand what easy blog networks web hosting is, we have to understand what is a PBN. Not many online marketers know what exactly is a private blog network and what is the use and benefit of building one, so I will try to explain the best I can.

What is PBN

I am going, to sum up, what I’ve learned over the last decade about PBN, and what exactly PBN is. Around 2 decades ago when SEO started to be a thing, clever people figured out the simple algorithm that time and learned what are the main signals that push the site up in the search engines. One of the main signals was, and still is, the backlinks from the other domains/websites. So, a long story short, you would get a bunch of domains, put some content on them with the link back to your website.

Sounds simple, and it was until the rules changed and got trickier and trickier to build these PBN sites, and for many reasons, they would be getting hit by the algorithm and deindexed from search engines. Some people argue today that PBNs do not work anymore and that it’s just a waste of time, money, and energy.

But I would disagree.

Private blog networks still work very well, but you must do it right. And yes, it is time-consuming and tedious work, but at the end of the day, it’s very worth it. The trick to having your own healthy and effective private blog network is to build each website like it’s a real blog, and create the content around one niche, with at least 5 readable and informative articles, and other rich media like images, videos, or audio.

Benefits of PBN

We have already tapped into what is PBN and I also explained a little bit what is such a network of blogs used for and what are the benefits. The power of PBN depends on many factors such as the age of the domain, the keywords in the domain name, how many good backlinks the site received over the time it’s been an active website, and more.

It takes time and skill to find the really good and cheap aged expired domains and depending on your budget and time, there are 2 main ways to get these domains, which is domain auctions where you find the domains before they expire. Or find already expired domains using free or paid tools like expireddomains.net or spamzilla.io.

Once you have pbns with the content on them, you just simply create a link back to your main website. Avoid using the same anchor text for each link, diversify it naturally and mix it with different phrases and generic phrases.

Great Alternative to Easy Blog Networks

Since the beginning era of PBN and SEO web hosting there hasn’t been many alternatives to EBN, but because of the rapid growth of SEO agencies and experts needing a simpler and cheaper solution to the SEO, the companies such as SeekaHost.com were born.

SeekaHost App is the best alternative solution to EBN, as their basic package has a much lower price entry-level than EBN, just $7.50/month for 5 blogs with 5 cPanel installations and 5 unique A to C class IP addresses, compared to $75/month for 25 blogs, By doing the simple math we can see that SeekaHost is also 2x cheaper compared to EBN.

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