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aloe veraAbout a year ago I wanted to start my own business, as this was the 6th time within last 10 years that I have been released from my job, left with just about €5000 in savings, which again gave me some time to pay my bills and find another job to start over. Basically building someone else’s dream all the time without growing and going forward in life.

I had reached a point in my life where I no longer wanted to work for someone else. I didn’t want to be told when I should work, how I should work and ultimately I no longer wanted to be paid what someone else thought I was worth.

I wanted to work from home, but not alone as I knew I would need help to build my business, I also wanted to work the hours I choose but still earn a significant income which within a reasonable time period would grow to a level that I had always dreamed of being financially free, but never achieved in a full-time job.

What I found with forever was everything I had ever dreamed of! To be my own boss, to be able to meet lots of new people, to grow a business in a booming market sector, using a proven business building method, to be rewarded for my efforts but most of all to have fun doing it!


Forever is a privately owned, family run company, the people that benefit most from Forever are people like me who put their time into building a business rather than banks, building societies and shareholders.

I felt confident that Forever would encourage me to grow and succeed, and of course, they have an outstanding range of products that I have personally had amazing benefits from.

forever living products

Forever is NOT any easy-cash get-rich-quick scams, but it’s debt free, underpinned by property assets all around the world, so that means that they will pay me today and in the future. I feel confident in being able to succeed working with a forward looking and financially sound company, without the personal investment risk, in-depth business knowledge, and market experience usually needed to create success in business and ultimately success in business.

Forever has a proven, exceptional and simple business model – backed up with a gold standard, award-winning Investors in People training and support , together with an outstanding range of high quality, naturally based and often, unique products. Forever the world’s number one grower and manufacturer of Aloe Vera and beehive based products.

This amazing aloe vera network marketing company is operating in 140 countries all around the world, with the big ones in Europe such as Forever Living Ireland, UK, and United States, Canada, and Australia.

Now is the time to build a Forever Living business, with the global economic slowdown and partial collapse of the banking system, many people has been left with a real fear for the future. Many people are weighed down with debt, insufficient pensions. The promise of a ‘job for life’ has all but disappeared, and those fortunate enough to be working at the moment, more often than not, endure job insecurity, longer working hours and rapidly increasing levels of stress.

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